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What is this site?

Blitz Hangar is a site dedicated to helping new and progressing players of World of Tanks Blitz become better tankers. We try to focus not simply on tanks' stats but rather their stronger/weaker sides and tactics that are suitable for each tank in different game situations.

Site is created and maintained by Alexander Golubev & Regina Siminderova at Awakewave LDA from Portugal.

Where all the data comes from?

Raw data comes from the game client and developer's API. We aim to provide most helpfull and exact numbers for all tanks. That requires manual input and custom algorythms for processing of the data. If you think, there is an error, please, don't hesitate to contact us.

Can you implement feature …?

Yes, definitely! If you need some feature and it's possible to implement than we will do it at some point in time.
Our current focus is on following items:

  • deep compare of 2 tanks and their performance in battle;
  • more positions in armor performance;
  • more tactics and refinement of existing ones;
  • tactics guide against enemies for each tank;
  • full-blown compare of multiple tanks;
  • maps tactics.

What are those green/yellow/red bars below every tanks' stats?

To better see tank's strong and weak sides, each of the tank' stats is compared to others. The comparison is done using values from top configurations without any provisions or equipment.

Looking at DPM on T95's stats with the top gun compared to other tank destroyers on tier IX:

  • 6 / 7 means it's one of the worst DPMs on the tier
  • red color visually shows standing
  • size of the bar shows where T95's DPM land between best (Jagdtiger) and worst (T30) values in the list.

For damage/penetration rating shell types are grouped into 4 categories: non-premium AP/APCR/HEAT, premium AP/APCR/HEAT, non-premium HE and premium HE. So, for example, T54's main AP shell is in the same list as Leopard PT A's APCR and T49's premium HE has only itself in the list.

Interesting fact: even though T57 Heavy's view range is rated second among tier X heavies, because of its autoloader and ability to install Improved Ventilation it is possible to get better view range than any other heavy tank.

What is base aim time?

This is a base value showing the amount of time it takes aiming circle to shrink to roughly a third of its size. Meaning, the lower the value the faster aiming will be. This value tends to be the same for many tanks. What differs is the size of the aiming circle that tanks begin with. 4 dispersion factors and dispersion itself affect the size of the aiming circle. When tank starts moving aiming circle starts to grow according to dispersionFactorMove. The faster tank is going, the bigger circle will be. Same thing happens when traversing and rotating the turret. After each shot circle will increase by a constant value. The maximum size of the circle, in theory, will be achieved when driving at maximum speed, rotating turret, turning with max speed and shooting at the same time. Very unlikely to be seen in-game. Aiming time shown in game client represents the time it takes aiming circle to shrink from some reasonable average size expected to be seen in-game to the minimum.

Interesting fact: when installing enhanced suspension on T-54 ltwt. aiming speed does not change, however, maximum traverse speed is increased and aiming circle when rotating can become bigger than before. Because of that in game client aiming time is increased by 0.1 seconds.

What is effective power weight ratio?

It is a value representing tank's acceleration on given type of terrain. It depends on engine power, tank's weight and terrain resistance, which is a property of currently installed suspension.

How is armor performance calculated?

Penetration chances are calculated for an average enemy shooting at a stationary tank from 100m with a fully shrunk aiming circle and trying to hit the weakest point in the armor. That is not a very common situation in the game, but it gives a basic understanding of armor performance of each tank in different positions.

What is considered weak/strong on armor performance images?

Armor Performance section shows adjusted armor values, meaning that both thickness of armor plate and its angle to the shooter is taken into consideration. The range of those values is much wider compared to plain armor profile hence colors representing them are different. "Weak" means that any enemy from selected tier will penetrate armor with 100% chance. "Strong" is the opposite — no enemy from selected tier can ever penetrate it even with highest penetration roll.

How do crew changes affect tank's performance?

Crew mechanics in Blitz are similar to those in the PC version. While not explicitly shown in the game client tanks have a crew of several members. Each member is responsible for one or two stats of the tank. The maximum value for those stats is reached when crew mastery is at 100%. In addition to this, each member except for commander gets a bonus to their mastery for 10% of commanders' mastery. For example, if crew mastery is at 100% and big food provision is installed, loader gets (100% + 10%) * 1.1 = 121% of mastery. If commander takes on responsibilities of a missing member or shares it with another crew member, the bonus is reduced.

Crew contributes to following stats:

  • commander — view range;
  • gunner — aiming time, dispersion and turret traverse speed;
  • loader — reload time;
  • driver — traverse speed;
  • radio operator — does nothing in Blitz, but can perform missing roles