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Crew members and crew skills

1.7.0 12 June 2018

With the latest update BlitzHangar got a lot more detailed view into tank's crew. There are two new blocks with information. First one is called Crew and looks like this: In this block you can see crew members of the current tank. In Blitz, some parameters of your tank depend on the mastery of a specific crew member and he can have it different from the base one. This happens because driver, gunner and loader, when they are present, get a bonus of 10% to their masteries. If someone is missing from the crew, his responsibilities are shared between others and bonus can be lower if commander takes them on. To better understand how all this is calculated you can look at the masteries values. They represent current state of the crew and tank.

Masteries affect the following parameters:

  • Aiming — aiming time, dispersion and turret traverse speed
  • Reloading — reload time and magazine reload time
  • Driving — traverse speed

Now you can easily see which tanks benefit more than others from Improved ventilation and food provisions.

Second block is called Crew skills:

With this block you can see, how crew skills at different levels would affect your tank's performance. Some skills are straight-forward and give you tank permanent boost in stats, others are not that simple. They may require special conditions to work or work only in some percentage of cases. For latter ones effect is shown as they were activated, i.e all conditions are met. There are also some skills that give bonuses that are not displayed in tank's parameters. Those get a purple background to easily see the case.

Hope you guys enjoy this update and find it useful. As always, if you find any bugs or have a comment or a suggestion feel free to contact me in any way convenient.